(Or the doubts of a person who never thought he had to pour his opinions onto the world.)

It is a very bitter twist of fate that this religion had to be founded by a person who has always been reluctant to persuade others, and who has never for a moment considered it a problem if others see something different as right, see something different as good... because someone sees something different as right, the birds will still be chirping in the trees, the Danube will continue to flow in its course, and everything else is curd.*

The writer of these lines has never seen the need to manufacture a new philosophy, a new religion, a new party, a new group of tricksters. To live and let live... that is the great secret. Nothing else is needed for our salvation. And so he hears the tortured question of those who are reluctant to embrace the unnecessary new: Why? We beg, why? Why a new religion again? And by God, he understands them...                                                                                    

Well, as fate would have it, the writer of these lines is very much on his own with the idea that his opinion is not necessarily of the world's concern, and perhaps he should not be persuading people.

Because in this human society, it sometimes seems that the most important thing for everyone is to impose their opinions on others.
We live in an age of influencers. We are living in an age of lame faggots who earn their fat living by being disgustingly faggotty and lame in their disgusting videos, somehow never demonetised by youtube.

Every person has a political, religious, or public opinion who on any of the above is, as far as possible, as stupid as the testicle cancer.

Thousands of people give good advice, or bad, unsolicited. Everyone knows politics, football and women. (Why there are so many chump compradors, wooden-legged alcoholics and small boys with no balls in the country is a mystery. Of course, all women, too, have a maximum understanding of men, and it shows in the little girls in their adult skin who have 'upgraded' their teddy dog to a Shih Tzu, which they call 'my little baby'.)

Near where I work, Ukrainians are ranting against Russians over a war that we have nothing to do with. (In fact, it's nothing to do with any civilised man, because we're talking about two peoples, the vast majority of whom would probably die of monstrous death in less than forty-five minutes if they must settle their conflicts in the manner of civilised man, rather than in the manner of some frustrated and highly annoying aggressive beta male; and in this case, it is not even a consideration that, allegorically speaking, the original tosser of this shitball is a bloody annoying chimpanzee called the United States; you can only drive jerks with stone-axes into stone-axe jerkiness. )

Everyone is hysterical about all the shit, propagates all the shit, recommends all the shit, sponsors all the shit, knows it all better than the doctor, the engineer, the scientist, analyses crime, analyses violence, sells his cunt, pushes his terrible music as art, and everyone thinks it's right.

The problem with what we have discussed so far is that about ninety percent of them are manifestations of abnormality.

This led the writer of these lines to speak out and found a new religion. After all, if the whole world decides that he is just talking nonsense, nothing bad will happen; his voice will be just another voice in the cacophony of millions of ranting idiots.

If, on the other hand, it is possible that what he is spreading makes sense, then it is time for the voices of normalcy to be heard among the voices of the sick, the deviant, the trivial, and the nihilistic.

So that's why this Church was formed. We spread what we spread. We say what we say. And if anybody doesn't like it - because our Church is the only Church where strong language is allowed - they can suck the cock of the worst biting horse in the most creepy stable.

Praise the Universe!

Brother Facia Aurea

* everything else (or the rest) is curd = Hungarian saying. Meaning: everything not listed in a given sentence is either pointless, useless, or not worth to pursue.

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