About the Website in brief

This website is the semi-official website of the Church of Normalcy. This means that the information published here will be official, but by no means comprehensive.

We now live in a world where Newspeak has become so inescapable that it is practically a state language. So, for very broad sections of society, freedom of speech means, quite naturally, that right-wingers have to shut up. Anyone is free to say anything, but if that free speech is not woke enough, it is Nazi speech. And a man who loves his nation should not even have rights...

Well, we can assure you, based on the above criteria, that every sentence of the Church of Normalcy is Nazi-speak, so woke "good people" can get out of here, back into their fathers. Besides, we are not in the mood to engage in a lot of rambling debate with all manner of committed lunatics, so we can only present our moral teachings from the Book of Principles (which will be the central theme of this website), and a few chapters from the Book of Life which may (we stress may) not provoke screaming hysteria from the more feeble-minded (i.e. the massive majority) of our society.

We would like to emphasise that the Church of Normalcy is neither right-wing nor left-wing, nor is it an extremist on either side of the political spectrum. This is because the Church of Normalcy profoundly hates all aspects of politics, and regards it as the kind of annoying aggressive beta male bullshit that, if everything were normal, humanity would have had to get rid of by kindergarten age.

However, it is clear from the above that the Church of Normalcy is more extreme than any one political side. For as long as the right hates the left, the commie hates the conservative, the stupid hates the smart, the status quo will not be broken. As long as the coin of the religion called democracy, which is flipped every four years and depicts little shitknots on both heads and tails that are equally annoying beyond measure, prevails unchallenged. The structure is intact, the rule is assured, the subjugation of the masses is unbroken.

However, if an organisation calls these freaks by their names and wishes to throw the coin of human stupidity, of massively perpetuated degeneracy, into the dustbin of history, not only is the status quo violated, but also a light of truth shone on the disgusting psychopathy of the structure, which these stinking little vampires fear more than anything else. Our dear supporters can rest assured that they would rather rehabilitate Adolf Hitler than give up a convenient little charade that is unimaginably comfortable for the enslavement of the average man.

Consequently, we can conclude that this website

a) is doomed by default.

b) there is no point in creating an official website on the "public" part of the internet.

That is why, on this page, we will present the "presentable" information - as a teaser, so to speak - and in case anyone might think, after the few vitriolic lines above, that these sentences are far from presentable, we hasten to assure you that the few paragraphs above are really a whispering children's rhymes to lull a baby to sleep compared to the ones that will be encountered by those who will have a look at our official website, which will be available only and exclusively on the dark web.

The conditions of the dark web are incomparably more favourable for people who advocate normalcy and try to escape the reign of terror of the mentally ill wokes, because

a) our server is entirely our own, it is not run by any other organisation or company, no algorithms written by know-it-all faggots are installed on it, we don't pay whitesocks* to smart-assing, etc.

b) the Church of Normalcy is committed to eradicating with fire and brimstone every single form of censorship, even the smallest, trivial manifestation, so censorship is in practice a meaningless concept for us, including on our server.

c) You can only visit us if you have a Tor browser and an onion address that no search engine will find - and we won't give that adress to germ guys.

Consequently, the Book of Principles in full, and most of our essays, will only appear on the dark web, where the many disgusting white-socked liberal arts faggots will not find us, or if they do, they can still go down on the grumpy hippo's, because even to the most woke court in the world, being "accidentally triggered" won't hold up - which accident required them to install a Tor browser and find out our web address.

Now, of course, we can see and hear that many decent people are already sniggering, saying, 'it won't be worth it for many people to "relearn" to use the internet for your sake'.

Well, dear believers and sour haters, as the name rightly suggests, the Church of Normalcy is a religion. And religion has practices and liturgy. How would it look if, for example, Islam abolishes the dawn prayer because it is a pain for the faithful to get up for it, or if the Krishna believers stop chanting because it is so boring... Well, part of our religious life and liturgy is learning how to use the Tor browser (which you don't really need to learn after some Firefox usage), and learning that you can't find onion addresses in google search.

You have to learn things like not posting on social media, not using free, unencrypted email providers, not creating profiles with your own photo under your own name, and so on.

If you don't feel like it, it's your loss and no one else's. Since the Church of Normalcy is committed to quality and not quantity, even in terms of its adherents, our loss will be certainly not...

So what will be on the dark web? All the chapters from the Book of Principles that are either too hard for the "public" internet, so to speak, or that we are absolutely unwilling to discuss (for example, the chapters on initiation ceremonies). In addition, the Book of Lifestyle (which is actually the second part of the Book of Principles) in quite a big part.

We regret that this must be the case, but it would be a pretty moribund attempt to start a whole new system of principle and morality if the whining of the kindly lunatics prompted the authorities to "pull the plug" before we could fully publish our teachings.

And before you say 'but the lunatics are on the left', you are remarkably wrong. The right is just as full of lunatics and ignorant alcoholics.

One more very important piece of advice at the end of this article: if something on this page has caught your interest, or if you want to read it later, SAVE EVERYTHING! We absolutely cannot guarantee that this website will be permanent!

* whitesock (i.h. fehérzoknis) = Hungarian slang word describing mainly liberal art students (especially jews), given, that workingmen (or any other man of taste by the way) seldom wearing white socks, so, whoever sporting white socks (especially to black shoes), is somebody who do not have to work, just have to bark for the right agenda...

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