3. The 20 Suggestions

4.1 We have no commandments. We have suggestions. Mere biology has commandments, but you are more than mere biology.

4.1.1 So, let biology command you! We will not.

4.1.2 You are human! You have been uniquely rewarded on this planet to decide what you want to do with your life! Therefore, it is up to you to accept or reject our suggestions!

4.1.3 But with all this, you have also been given the responsibility for your choices. You need to know that the decision is yours; we will not be on your back checking how you live! It is your decision whether or not to follow the recommendations;

4.1.4 However, we also reserve the right not to want to cooperate with you or warn you in advance of your excommunication if you are not able to live according to our suggestions.

4.1.5 We will not handicap you if you choose to remain unprincipled!

4.2 The first suggestion: let the individual interest guide your goals at home and as a single person, but the community interest outside the home and in the family!

4.2.1 At home, if you live alone, don't let anyone dictate your life to their liking! Your house, your castle! If you are still living at home with your parents, take their guiding advice, but don't let them put the weight of their own inadequate lives on your shoulders!

4.2.2 If you do go out, leave your ego at home! We don't care who you think you are, how big you think you are or where you think you belong!

4.2.3 Learn, grow, prove yourself, then we will see you as big! But we don't see you as great just because you say it!

4.2.4 Don't tease, don't be cheeky, don't think that everyone has to follow your lead!

4.3 The second suggestion: do not live at the expense of others!

4.3.1 Don't live on other people's money, don't live on other people's goodwill!

4.3.2 Don't make the house noisy, don't make the neighbours listen to your music, don't make a whole block of flats wake up at 2 a.m. to your untamed dog's barking!

4.3.3 If you can't do this, move to a place where your lifestyle is not at the expense of others!

4.4 The third suggestion: don't accept condescending behaviour from anyone!

4.4.1 Respect no one until they have earned your respect through deeds, knowledge and work.

4.4.2 Don't avoid the heat, forcing yourself into a constant state of submission, just because the saying goes: "the wise yield, the fool suffers".

4.4.3 You know as well as I do that he who is doomed to suffer is the clever one, for if he yields to the fool even once, he, imagining himself master, will get used to such things very quickly.

4.4.4 If someone wants to run into a slap at any cost, help him out with one!

4.5 The fourth suggestion: always celebrate family holidays!

4.5.1 Don't make other people's holidays your priority! Do not prepare for government holidays with great fervour!

4.5.2 Your most important holiday should be your birthday, because if this day is not, you have nothing to read about today! Your birthday is even more important than your national holiday, because if you are not born, you have nothing to celebrate on the fifteenth of March or the twentieth of August!

4.5.3 The second most important holiday is the birthday of your parents, grandparents and siblings. Greet your brothers and sisters whenever you can, but on anniversaries especially!

4.5.4 If your parents are in a harmonious marriage and you were born into that marriage, celebrate your parents' wedding anniversary also, as there is a very high probability that you were born as a result of their marriage.

4.6 The fifth suggestion: bury the hatchet in your family, try to make peace with your parents or siblings if their sins aren't unforgivable.

4.6.1 Never hold a grudge against them because of petty quarrels, envy, stupidity!

4.6.2 What kind of love do you want in the world if you cannot love yourself or your family?

4.6.3 Who do you want forgiveness from, if you cannot forgive your own blood?

4.6.4 Know that the first degree of high treason is the poisoning of the family, because the first degree of the country is the family itself.

4.6.5 Remember: a good man is one who has no enemies in his private life and no friends among rulers. So do not look for your enemies in the family!

4.7 The sixth suggestion: learn to forgive yourself so that you can forgive others!

4.8 The seventh suggestion: if you really want to dislike someone or something, dislike, but never hate!

4.8.1 Dislike and hate do not go hand in hand. If you dislike something, you consciously try to avoid it because you don't want it. But if you hate, you wish to destroy.

4.8.2 A disliker avoids and does not bother himself with the object of his hatred. He is healthy. But the hater is constantly seeking confrontation; he is a sick psychopath. For him, outside our circles is wider!

4.8.3 Never mind that ignorants or very knowledgeable evildoers have confused the two terms! The difference is very significant!

4.8.4. Or if you hate green bean casserole, for example, do you start screaming and throwing the pot around, threatening to kill anybody, or do you just say: I dislike it and don't want it?

4.8.5 But always make sure that you never hate, and especially never hate when you are told, even by your friends or family. Besides the fact that if you have not investigated a case yourself, you cannot be sure of a person's guilt, you may even serve the purposes of vile people by harassing, hating or loathing someone for the sake of other's bid.

4.8.5b Do not do such things, and know that if someone is really tying the dog to the stake about anything, that person probably has an agenda that you, if you are of sound mind, are unlikely to like.

4.8.6 And it follows from the previous point: don't open your mouth to the slander of fools, don't participate yourself in groups that are shouting for lynching. Leave that to the idiots, the half-witted know-it-alls and the allahgypsies. You only have the right to act without investigation when you caught someone in the act.

4.9 The Eighth suggestion: don't tell us about your past or present friends and relationships, and don't expect us to believe that you were never at fault for anything.

4.9.1 Gossiping about your relationships is, to put it mildly, disgusting, and it is a violation of basic morals (see there).

4.9.2 And don't ever try to explain to us that you have never been at fault in the breakdown of a relationship, because, apart from being unmanly or unladylike, you are also trying to make us look stupid by making yourself out to be a non-existent knight in shining armour or a fairytale-princess.

4.9.3 There is no perfect man, only man who strives towards perfection. But if you speak ill of your past or present relationships in glowing terms about yourself, you are far from striving for human perfection.

4.10. The ninth suggestion: do not gossip, do not spread false news, do not bear false witness, and do not be a key witness against your brothers and fellow believers who followed the principles, even in the face of a plea bargain.

4.10.1 Don't be the untrustworthy, the blabbermouth, the relationship destroyer, even for good money, for any reward received for such is Judas money in itself!

4.11. The tenth suggestion: don't mongrelize!

4.11.1 Your mission is to be what you are! You were destined to be born a son or daughter of the nation in which you saw the light of day!

4.11.2 Stick with your nation!

4.11.3 Do not choose as your spouse someone who does not understand the customs of your house!

4.11.4 Do not pursue your bloodline with that kind who was not even a possibility for your ancestors.

4.11.5 Do not have children with someone who does not know your language or is not willing to learn it.

4.11.6 Diversity is not in mixing! Diversity is not in the disappearance of races! This is not racism, this is common sense! When you mix white and black, you are contributing to the offspring not carrying on the inherent qualities of either white or black people, but carrying on their watered-down versions. Thus, neither the white people nor the black people will carry on the qualities of their original versions! Anyone who sees in this racism and not the preservation of races is insane! And don't bother with the mentally ill or argue with them!

4.12. The eleventh suggestion: the slander, opinion-forming, and labels of other people should only interest you as much as a blind man is interested in a neon sign!

4.12.1 Never mind that if you are proud of your origin you are called a Nazi or a racist, if you are proud of your sex you are called a sexist!

4.12.2 A sick soul prompts its owner to spout with divisive intentions from his usually unappealing face; thou shalt not be hateful, chauvinist, refrain from ideologies of social engineering and Zionism!

4.12.3 Do not accept the news of these mouthpieces, they mean nothing to you; they are all lies! You only care about your blood, let your people's opinions, values and way of life be the standard!

4.12.4 Your basic assumption should be that the mainstream media is lying. Do not believe them even if they flatter you or portray you in a positive light. Absolutely ignore their slander and call those who do care stupid children, because only stupid children believe the mainstream media. And why should you be bothered by the gossip of idiots?

4.13. The twelfth suggestion: don't let the flea cough!

4.13.1 Don't give up your goals, your way of life, your goods or your land for the sake of the dwarf minorities who are culturally alien to you, don't accept anything from them, don't sell anything to them!

4.13.2 Let them know that the land where you live is your rightful land redeemed with the blood of your ancestors, that the alien dwarf minorities have as much right to claim it as fleas have to claim the dog they have torment as their property!

4.14. The thirteenth proposition: don't concern yourself with other people's private lives, it's none of your business; but don't bring your private life out of your house!

4.14.1 Don't care what your fellow man does for fun (and even the dog doesn't care whether you like it), don't inquire about his preferences, sex or otherwise!

4.14.2 What belongs to the individual is the individual's business! What belongs in the bedroom belongs there!

4.14.3 But what belongs there, stays there! We don't care about your coming outs, your fetishes or who your ideal partner is!

4.14.4 Don't bother others with your private affairs, neither out of a sick desire to show off, nor out of ostentation!

4.15. The fourteenth suggestion: do not follow those whose head would starve the brain-eating worm to death!

4.15.1 Many people make excuses for their ignorance by saying that they have been surrounded only by the ignorant in their worldly life; do not be one of them!

4.15.2 They are not you, and they do not hold a gun to your head to make you follow them in their stupidity!

4.15.3 In today's modern information society, it is the duty of every individual to cultivate himself, to increase his knowledge. Don't blame others for your ignorance, it is entirely your own fault, and a terribly unforgivable one at that!

4.15.4 But it is a greater fault if, instead of cultivating yourself, you continue to seek the company of fools! Do not do this!

4.16. The fifteenth suggestion: don't get drunk, don't take drugs, don't get addicted to medicines!

4.16.1 Don't undermine your own manhood and womanhood by self-destruction and debauchery! Let him whose best delight is his beer fuck the beer keg; he will soon have the right shape to resemble the one of his heart's choice!

4.16.2 Observe that the more one drinks, the less masculine or feminine he is, but the more he believes himself to be the quintessence of his sex!

4.16.3 With every sip, every drunkard reveals his own misery, his own insecurity, his own inadequacy.

4.16.4 A man does not need alcohol to be cheerful, witty, a valuable member of society, or to have the courage to approach a woman!

4.16.5 A woman does not need alcohol to be attractive, to be homely, to be considered a valuable partner.

4.16.6 So leave drunkenness and drugs to beta males and beta females! You be an alpha; if you are not already one, strive to be one! Do not seek the company of betas, shake them off!

4.17. The sixteenth suggestion: strive to overcome your phobias and say goodbye to your fears!

4.17.1 Most phobias and fears exist only in the mind, without any empirical evidence of their validity and without any real experience. But even if your fear is a fixation of old trauma, get rid of it!

4.17.2 You have no reason to suffer disadvantage in your life because you fear something, have told yourself something, or take it as a given that once something has happened to you, it will always happen again! Such a law was not created by the World Creator!

4.17.3 Only the followers of the Omnipotent Father Figure have created such a "law". They are the ones who have built power for themselves out of your fears, and have given you the illusion of this world in return! You want to take their power? Good! Your most important task: banish fear!

4.18. The seventeenth suggestion: dress properly, save the body showing for your partner!

4.18.1 Believe me; of those who have been able to find a quality woman, no one gives a damn about your ass or the shape of your breasts!

4.18.2 If we do, we'll get to know you, we'll take you home when the time is right, and you'll show us everything of your own free will and your own joyful determination;

4.18.3 while your looks are of real interest to men you would never in your life sleep with!

4.18.4 My fellow believeress, understand that the beta male who has no access to a normal woman wants to see you naked/half naked/bikini-clad all day long, because if he can't get it stealthily, the most he will see a woman he likes is in Playboy magazine!

4.18.5 Don't serve those who don't want to evolve and want to sneak a peek at cleavage!

4.18.6 Last but not least, ask yourself: are you sure that what you want half the world to see is worth seeing? Wouldn't it be easier to leave that vision to someone who has already accepted you as you are?

4.18.7 For our fellow men, we would also advise you to consider: don't flaunt your muscles, which may not be attractive to everyone, or your disgusting furtufts, which may not be tasteful to everyone! Forget the wife-beaters also the bike shorts; your crotch is not a sausage stall, you don't need to flaunt anything! Dress decently and show off your body to your partner.

4.19. The eighteenth suggestion: if you are a man, don't put your power in the hands of a woman! If you are a woman, don't take away the power of a man!

4.19.1 As much as beta males may find it hard to accept, women are not particularly attracted to the indecisive man, just as, contrary to what many women believe, men are not too keen on the fact that women have taken away the pleasure of conquest and the hunt and replaced it with cheap advances, all in the name of modern feminism.

4.19.2 In the name of an ideology whose propagators, by the way, are overwhelmingly lesbian. Nothing good can come of heterosexuals following the ideologies of homosexuals. Don't do it yourself!

4.20. The nineteenth suggestion: love the children, respect the wise elders.

4.20.1 You are the present. Your children are the future, your times are the past.

4.20.2 If you do not respect yourself, you are at most disrespecting your present. But if you do not love your children, your future will be misery; if you do not respect your elderly, you do not respect the sacrifice of your ancestors. Then your place is not with us.

4.20.3 But beware! Do not respect the elders for their age, but for their life experiences! For if the elder is a drunkard, he does not respect himself or the blood sacrifice of his ancestors!

4.20.4 Our ancestors did not shed their blood so the man of today can be debauched as his liking! So direct your attention only to the wise and the sober!

4.21. The twentieth suggestion: live in the present!

4.21.1 What you can do today, you can only do today! Let those who live a life of regret because they cannot overcome their bad decisions, or who are masochistic enough to rummage through the shit of the past, dwell on the past.

4.21.2 And the future has not yet begun: why live in a fantasy empire if the reality is not going to turn out the way you want?

4.21.3 Or were you, thirty years ago, so reprobate that you imagined exactly this society?

4.21.4 Live in the present and work in the present! For everything you desire in the future will be built on the foundation of your work today!