3. The 4 Obligations

3.1 There are no rights without obligations. Without duty there is no life! Imagine that tomorrow given regions of your brain announce: from today we are not obliged to regulate your breathing! How long will you live then?

3.2 Therefore, do your duty to get your reward, your right! Not the rights come first! You don't eat the apple first in the market and then, if it was delicious, you pay for it afterwards, right?
So hear your duty:

3.3 The first obligation: be true to your blood, within the family and without!

3.3.1 Honour your father's and your mother's decision that led to your birth, even if your birth was mostly a game of "chance" - for it was their decision to make love at the time of your conception, even if they did not 'plan' you, just as it was their decision to keep you and not to abort you.

3.3.2 Honour the lineage from which your parents descended, and so you may have come to this earth!

3.3.3 Honour the nation from which your parents' kinship sprang! Dip a knife in your own breast before you betray your nation, for if you betray your nation, you betray your own descent and the chain of your origin, with all its struggle, and blood sacrifice, which has laid the foundation of your birth here!

3.3.4 There is no place for traitors among us!

3.4 The Second obligation: train yourself to the highest level of perfection in your strengths!

3.4.1 Don't listen to those who want to take away your dreams, because they are pathetic failures!

3.4.2 It is your duty to follow your own destined path! So learn, cultivate, create! Our civilization has been destroyed by idiots for a long time! They have no place among us!

3.4.3 Never cover yourself with barriers imposed on you by yourself or others! Drive away those who stand in the way of your dreams!

3.4.4 Understand that talent is not a special distinction or a gift; it is innate in you, as it is in all people, only some people refuse to even try! And never cover up for what you have not tried!

3.4.5 For if you have no talent for music, you can still be a writer! But if you cannot be a writer, you can still be an actor! And if you can't be an actor, you may have a painter in you! But if not a painter, you may be a sculptor! Or an applied arts master! Or a craftsman! Or a designer! Or an architect! Or an inventor! Or a scientist! Or an athlete! Or a martial artist! Or a racer! Or a farmer who is an expert of the earth and animals! Or an expert explorer who knows every inch of Mother Earth! Or a young master of a craft that, when practised, is gazed upon with open mouths by small and great!

3.4.6 You have no right to exclude everything if you have never tried anything in your life! You have no right to be a minion, a wage-slave, and a day-labourer, if you were destined for much more!

3.4.7 It is your duty to try! It is your duty to have a hobby! Separate yourself from the filthy alcoholics and junkies who give you "good advice" about how you can only be like them! If you were born with a brain, you can only be better than them!

3.4.8 Don't you dare complain to us that you can't do anything with yourself and have no talent for anything, because we will cast out the weak and the stupid!

3.4.9 Be careful, however, never to go after your father's or mother's dream, unless you really want to do what they want!

3.4.10 You must know that what a father who has achieved nothing has invented for his child, he actually invented for himself in his youth, but was not fit to carry out! Never be your father's dream substitute, never be your mother's salvation!

3.4.11 Redemption is an individual duty for everyone! A parent who wishes to redeem his own misery through his children is not a parent, but a reptilian!* And hence it is your duty as a parent NOT to force your child to fulfil your dreams!

3.5 The third obligation: If you are a man, it is your duty to be a man, with all the masculine virtues! If you are a woman, it is your duty to be a woman, with all the feminine virtues!

3.5.1 Do not want the rights of the other sex if you have not fulfilled the duties of the other sex!

3.5.2 If you are a woman, don't want to be a man if you don't want to be a soldier, or if you refuse to go down the mine! If you are a man, do not want to be a woman if you are unable to bear children! There is no place among us for people with gender identity disorder!

3.6 The fourth obligation: you are obliged to protect, help and support your fellow believers (of whatever nation) and your fellow compatriots of sound mind (whatever they believe in) in all situations!

3.6.1 You have no right to object to this duty! If your mind is always on objections, and every second sentence begins with "yes, but...", then you do not belong here!

3.6.2 Enough of this disgusting apologeticism, which has a complete catechism to explain how to be inept, cowardly apes. Here you have to defend your fellow believer, your fellow nation. Period, shut up. No apologies! You have to protect him even if you go to jail for it, you have to protect him even if you get hurt! If you can't do that, find another religion.

* the word reptilian here is a word-joke coming from the original Hungarian text, it has nothing to do with the fashionable reptilian bullshit. In Hungarian, parent = szülő, and reptilian = hüllő.