2. The World Creator

2.1. No one ever told you who He is in any meaningful way. No one ever had a purpose. Those who spread the fear, dread, humiliation of Him are not really teaching about Him.

2.2 In fact, they have given you a supposed omnipotent one so that you will fear some power even when they are not present in person with their righteousness-dispensing broadsword.

2.3 They have given you a monstrous father figure who is supposedly watching you even where you hide from him.

2.4 You, grown children, have been given a bogeyman who they say can pop out of any closet in the universe to be your father instead of your father and weigh whether you have been good little boys or bad.

2.5 The eternal misfortune of monotheistic religions, however, is that in the last two or three thousand years, despite all this, there have been very many families where it was not customary to beat children with a belt, so that the need to fear the Omnipotent Father Figure in a harmonious family environment has been very difficult to understand.

2.6 You should know that the Omnipotent Father Figure (the monstrous Lord God of Christians, Jews, Mohammedans, and everyone else) is not the Creator of the World.

2.7 The World Creator, unlike this fabled hero, is real. You can touch him, see him, talk to him. And you have absolutely nothing to fear from him.

2.8 If you think that the World Creator is the Omnipotent Father Figure of your favourite little book, and you fear him, know this: you fear a legend.

2.9 And if you fear the real World Creator, you fear the World itself.

2.10 If you fear the World Creator, mistaken for the legendary Impostor, you still fear one of your ancient kings who, with his initiates, invented the divine hocus-pocus centuries ago.

2.11 And if you humble yourself before the Impostor, you still humble yourself before your worldly lord, whether he be king, prime minister or sect leader,

2.11b For in fact the Impostor is master only of these; of these who have sold their souls to him.

2.12 Who is the real World Creator? Everything, and All. The Creator and the Created are one and the same.

2.13 The Creator of the World rises in the morning. The World Creator chirps in the trees in the bodies of the little birds. The World Creator looks in the mirror in the morning when shaving. The World Creator puts on make-up and chooses her clothes. The World Creator hunts in the form of a lion, He rises as the moon so that His owl form can begin the hunt at night.

2.14 The World Creator dwells in villages, the World Creator creates cities, and the World Creator travels on the New York City subway, which, when its time runs out, will terminate at Redbird Reef in Delaware, so that the World Creator may use it as an artificial reef for his water-dwelling Animal Godbodies.

2.15 The World Creator walks the cells of the World Creator's Animal Godbody in the park, the World Creator buys ice cream for the younger cells of the World Creator's Human Godbody.

2.16 The World Creator takes ore from the World Creator's Earthly Motherbody to make steel beams for the World Creator's skyscrapers.

2.17 The World Creator sows the seed given by the World Creator into the Earthly Motherbody to provide food for the World Creator's Cells.

2.18 But the World Creator starts wars all over the planet, the World Creator dries up the waters and cuts down the rainforest, the World Creator kills for sick pleasure, for power, or for money.

2.19 The World Creator spreads filthy gossip about you and makes your life miserable. The World Creator, somewhere in a meth lab, is pumping out chemical shit to destroy other cells of the World Creator's Human God Body, in other words, part of the World Creator.

2.20 Everything in this world comes from the World Creator. So good, and evil, and the intermediate Grey State are all equal manifestations of the World Creator.

2.21 Do you want to love God? Do you want to talk to your Lord? Do you want to honour the World Creator?

2.21b Embrace your beloved until you are tearful with love, and you embrace the World Creator!

2.22 Be proud of your children until your heart is almost bursting and you are proud of the World Creator!

2.23 Honor the works and sacrifices of your parents, as you honor Heaven, and you worship the World Creator!

2.24 Love your friends as even fire can burn your arms for them, and you love the World Creator!

2.25 Take an oath of allegiance to your family, your settlement, your nation, and you have taken an oath of allegiance to the World Creator!

2.26 Worship your village, drink in the atmosphere of your cities, admire the breathtaking panorama, and you admire the World Creator!

2.27 Walk in mountains, valleys, rivers, forests, bathe in the sea and bask in the sun, and you will be alone with the World Creator.

2.28 Put out your fingers so that butterflies may fly upon them, listen to the song of birds, grow a plant and watch in amazement its growth, the development of its fruit, and you will admire the World Creator at work.

2.29 The Creator and the Created are one and the same. What is above is below. What is outside is inside. What is small is big.

2.30 God did not create you in his image as man. This is a legend once devised by fairy-tale writers for their clients to make the people of ancient times believe that their rulers were God's earthly counterparts.

2.31 God, the Creator of the world, fashioned you after his structure.

2.32 The scientific name of God, the Creator of the World is the Universe. Did you not know what to call God? Call it the Universe!

2.33 But call it by your own name! For what the Universe is to the Creator, your body is to you. What is a galaxy in the Universe is a cell in your body. What is a star cluster in the galaxy is an amino acid to you! What is a multiple star in a star cluster is a molecule of you! What is a star in the multiple star cluster is an atom of you! What is a planet around a star, and a moon around it, is a proton and electron of your atom! What is the billions of appearances of the Godbody on a planet, is a subatomic particle in you!

2.34 What the World Creator is in macrocosm, you are in microcosm!

2.35 You are a micro-scale hologram of the World Creator's essence, your body is a biological hologram of the World Creator, and you are a cell of the Human Godbody! You are God, God is you in part!

2.36 Forget, then, the hocus-pocus of the nitwits! Their god is only as secretly in your room as you are secretly in the life of a muon!

2.37  Their god will only see your every actions, when you will see any millionth-of-a-second existence of a quark! Their god will only see every thought in your head when you will see with the naked eye the inner workings of a neutrino!

2.38 God is the Creator of the World (Universe) and the Creation of the World (Existence), and you are a subatomic representation of His wholeness in relation to Him.

2.39 Why then do you pray? Do you ever hear the lament of your subatomic particle? Are you busy all day judging the insolent behaviour of a Higgs boson?

2.40 You can only operate the World Creator through yourself! You are part of the whole. The whole functions smoothly when all its parts are healthy.

2.41 There is no jovial old uncle in the clouds, and there are no hoofed devils in hell. As far as humanity is concerned, we are merely an organ in the Universal Body of God, likened to the heart, likened to the liver, whatever, just understand!

2.42 The spiritual name of this organ is the Human God Body, the secular name is the Global Society. It is made up of seven and a half billion particles, and among these particles there are healthy (Divine) and cancerous (Satanic) ones. But everything is done by the particles, as in your body, so in the Universe.

2.43 If you want to be one of us, you must be a well-functioning particle.

2.44 We are the immune system of the Human God Body. We are the eliminator of cancerous proliferation. We are the antiviral program against the virus called the Post-Universe of Global Illusion. As we have said before, there is no Anthropomorphic God, only immune response, and there is no Anthropomorphic Satan, only cancerous proliferation.

2.45 Every organ is healthy only if its cells are healthy. Just as a liver cannot afford to allow some of its cells to enslave others, to suck energy from well-working cells for their own passions or out of their own laziness, just as a kidney cannot afford to allow its healthy cells to be destroyed by diseased, harmful formations, so human society cannot afford to allow this.

2.46 Psychopaths, narcissists, occult animals, paedophiles, misers and war mongers, the unforgivable cretins, but above all the soulless sociopaths are all harmful parts of global society as destroyers of the Divine Human Body. Deal with them accordingly!

2.47 Never fall for man-made images of God!

2.48 However lofty words are attributed to these "avatars", in fact, their very first words uttered - or rather attributed to them - served an agenda; an agenda of enslaving you, of reinforcing your subservience, of magnifying your fears.

2.49 Today, these impostors have very little function, as the priests have recognised. Today their role has been taken over by television, radio and the print media. Today they are the prophets. But make no mistake; in the great days of your prophets, the prophets were television, radio, and the press.

2.50 And what is the consciousness of the World Creator? The sum of the consciousness of conscious beings. All of them. The consciousness of the World Creator is a Universal Consciousness.

2.51 You are not the body. You are the Universal Consciousness enclosed in a body. Therefore, it is essential that the global society - the Human God Body - be a healthy consciousness. Sick consciousness makes the Universe sick.

2.52 Therefore, cast out the doubt, the depression, the malaise that comes from ignorance!

2.53 Most religions teach you not to kill. We teach: kill! Kill the desire for servitude and the feeling of inferiority, as if you were killing the devil!

2.54 Cast out from yourselves ignorance, and blind faith in the news, as if you were killing a rat!

2.55 Trample off dependence on the outside world as if you were trampling on a cockroach!

2.56 Cast away from yourselves the pullers, and the money-grubbers, as if you were chasing rogues!

2.57 Be reconciled to yourselves, for you need only yourselves for your upliftment!

2.58 But most importantly, understand that you are not the body, but the spirit.

2.59 Without this understanding you can go anywhere, you will arrive nowhere.