1. Welcome

1.1 Welcome to the realm of normality! Welcome among the moral, among the thinkers, among the healthy Godparts who have developed their brains! Welcome to the realm of the brave, in the time of heroes, in the light of shining!

1.2 Your task is this: grow, shine, perfect, increase your knowledge!

1.3 Forget to believe in your smallness! Forget your humiliating knee-slapping!

1.4 He whom you must fear, you do not love! Who you love, you do not fear!

1.5 Forget your existence as a feeble vessel! Rise up!

1.6 No one is better than you, no one is worse than you, only more or less developed in their ability to assert their interests!

1.7 Shake off your yokes: the people who pull you down, the negative feelings, the energy vampires, the oppressors, the money grubbers, and the ones who crave after your money, and cut out the fools! You don't need to handicap them!

1.8 You are responsible for your mental health, and so are all people who are not born disabled.

1.9 Forget your perceived obligations to understand, nurture, embrace and guide those who are not born stupid, but stupid because of their own laziness, ignorance and ineptitude.

1.10 The path of fools is wide, and many walk it, but you choose the narrower, seldom-trodden path!

1.11 There is no heaven and no hell! There is no difference between where the saint goes after death and where the serial killer goes!

1.12 All that makes the difference between right and wrong, you must take from this life, for it is here that you are judged, by man!

1.13 There is no space and no time. There is no absolute truth, and no universally valid true faith. There is no universal reality, and no universal one-sense.

1.14 What there is, is individual Perception. What you believe is what you perceive. Change your perception and your belief changes. Change your belief, and the Universe changes.

1.15 As long as only what you see, hear, feel, touch, taste, or have been told by others to be true is reality to you, you see no differently than a mole you may pity, how blind it is under the ground.

1.16 The only way to eliminate your blindness is to open your mind to the possibility of other realities. Keep in mind not the person or title of the communicator, but what he has to say! Wake up, mole, become a seer!

1.17. Welcome to the New Age! We are the New Age! Forget all the faddishness that has run in this conceptual circle so far!

1.18 The 860th republication and reinterpretation of a book written 1800 years ago is no more New Age than trying to usher in a new era of transportation by putting a seat belt on the back of a bullock cart!

1.19 Good morning, everyone! We have entered the 21st century! If a book hasn't sorted out the psyche in 1800 years, it's time to create a new one!

1.20 We represent the light. Not the occult, not the poetic, not the thousands of years old, not the legend told.

1.21 We elevate common sense to the level of religion.

1.22 We don't have priests in ridiculous robes, mumbling hocus-pocus in languages long extinct.

1.23 We do not splash holy water, because we know that water is holy in itself: it is the blood of the Creator of the World.

1. 24 It is not the priest who will determine by whose hand you can attain purity; we do not scare you with fairy tales, we do not tire you with demons invented by Jesuits in the millennia, to make you fear them - but we do not hide from you the existence of the real ones - we seek no watchful eyes of God in any corner of our rooms, we are not afraid, we are not frightened, we do not crawl on our bellies, and we laugh at men who convey the will of deities!

1.25 We proclaim the Religion of Fun, Laughter, Principles, Morals, Common Sense, Affection and Love!

1.26 We represent the Faith of the Incorruptible, Heroic, and Protective Knights, the Pure
Dames of Character and Pride!

1.27 We walk the Path of the Palpable, the Knowable, the Visible, and the Tangible

1.28 We are the Hallowed Past, the Solid Present, and the Edenic Future.

1.29 Our Heart is the Magma, Our Blood is the River, Our Soul is the Ocean.

1.30 Greetings from the Bustling Cities, the Artist's Studio, the Scientist's Laboratory, the Roaring Factories, the Streets, and the Endless Fields!

1.31 We are the Builders, the Makers, the Teachers, the Feeders, the Living! All is Ours! THEY usurp everything from us.

1.32 We are the Worker, the Sower, and the Maker! We are the Sober Man!

Hear our teaching!