Analysis of the symbol of The Church of Normalcy (The Hungarian Arrow)



Like any organisation, the Church of Normalcy needs a symbol by which those who are worthy can signal their identity to each other. However, it is sometimes astonishing that even our compatriots who are well versed in symbolism have not noticed that each new - even called as 'revolutionary' - organisation uses the same ancient symbolic elements, so old that we can go back before Christ to find their origins.

It is amazing that every symbol, every snazzy little logo, conveys to us the same old Babylonian rot that is the cause of our misery and hopelessness, regardless of the age and the apparent intentions of its users. It is this symbolism that has oppressed us from the French Revolution to the Bolshevik uprisings to the "Fidesz orange" at every turn, everywhere. (Of course, those who see in the "Fidesz orange" a piece of orange, and not the most unmasked representation of the sun disk, we have nothing to do with; they are already brain-dead.)

The so-called Hungarian Arrow is the only official symbol of our church, and with the exception of the triquetra that forms the arrowhead, we have done everything possible not only to oppose the old Babylonian symbol system, but (as an arrow is aptly symbolized) to fight it outright.

Let us therefore analyse the symbol that we hope will make all the old clerical and/or Masonic lice in the future break out in honest terror! (So to speak, let us put on a new footing the ancient prayer 'Save us from the arrows of the Hungarians, our God!')


As soon as we see the above symbol, we get an abnormal feeling from its mere position. As if it were standing awkwardly...

Well, the reason for this is that the modern human mind is conditioned to see the basic elements of the Babylonian symbol system: circle, triangle, square, rhombus, or star, or to expect such shapes to appear as backgrounds when seeing religious symbols, logos, company signs. Behind a slanted arrow, especially right-thinking Europeans, would probably imagine a circular background. However, this arrow would have trouble fitting into the centre of a decent circle, since if the symbol were framed from apex to apex with reasonable margins, it could only be framed by an oval. If you want to fit it into a square, its position would result in a rectangle.

Of course, you could try to force this symbol into a square; it would look good in proportion: like mouseshit in the middle of a towel.

The position of the symbol in the picture is 35° to the horizontal, and this is deliberate. The Hungarian Arrow cannot be placed in a way that fits into the elements of Babylonian symbolism in a spectacular way. We know that this will immediately provoke dislike among our simple-as-a-wooden wedge fellow compatriots who would like to fit everything into a white circle on a red background, but we are very sorry; the Hungarian Arrow would look stupid in such a decoration.

The angular position of the Hungarian Arrow is arbitrary, but the following angular positions are strictly forbidden: 45°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 225°, 270°, 315°, and plus or minus 5° from these. The above are the angles required to fit the symbol economically into a circle, square, triangle or diamond in terms of area usage (in the vernacular: don't look lopsided or outright especially stupid).


Related to our Church, the Hungarian Arrow has a meaning pointing to the constellation Sagittarius. The constellation Sagittarius has been known to have been the constellation of Hungarians in all the happier ages of mankind, but more importantly for our Church, the centre of the Milky Way is in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius. For us, the Milky Way is a living and tangible analogy of the Universe, in its structure, in its vastness, which is incomprehensible in the framework of our existence. And the Universe, as we know, is our God. It is clear, therefore, that in our symbolism the Arrow always points upwards (towards the sky).

However, the Hungarian Arrow can have two directions besides "up", for the simple reason that the organisation of our Church is two-stage.

The orientation shown in the image above is the symbolic orientation of the Outer Circle, which has no initiatory status. This east-facing orientation is the so-called March orientation. (Seen from Hungary, the Sagittarius constellationappears above the southeastern horizon at March dawns. This March orientation - as spring represents the revival of energies, of the landscape - symbolizes the awakening of the uninitiated believer from apathy to action... from hopelessness to hope... in short, from our destructively toxic - by analogy, winter - society to the brighter world of the future.

Since the Book of Principles is a "holy book" for our uninitiated believers, it is clear that the Hungarian Arrow on this website is in March orientation.

However, for the uninitiated, the position of the arrow is the reverse of the one shown above: the so-called November orientation, which is upwards and points westwards (from Hungary, the constellation Sagittarius appears above the south-western horizon during November, after sunset). This orientation in November symbolizes the initiates' already complete knowledge, which they can use to further their own individual enlightenment by the twilight of their lives. (In our Church, learning and self-education until death is practically obligatory, since the second duty states: train yourself to the highest level of perfection in your strengths!) (EC 3.4)

Our official website, if launched, will show this orientation, as it will be the one that will be visited also by the initiated. So in summary, if one sees this symbol in the position shown in the image above, it has a meaning associated with the Outer Circle, if one sees it ascending towards the West, it has a meaning associated with the Inner Circle.

And now let's analyse the Hungarian Arrow element by element:



The shaft and the fletching symbolise our Church's endeavour to rise from the lowest existence that humanity is currently in, from the destruction of the Western value system that is shaming the decline of Rome, to continue to rise - at any cost - to preserve our civilisation and to rise from the filth. The concept of 'at any cost' is aptly symbolised by the arrow. Anyone who does not believe it should ask a half-wit to shoot him in the chest with an arrow. In his final moments he will understand why the arrow is a symbol of unrelenting progress.

The fletching of the arrow also symbolizes the path of all progress, including technical progress - since, given its design, it is not difficult to see the schematic representation of fire pouring from the propulsion of a rising rocket - but more importantly, the symbolism shows how thin branches of different nations, separated from each other, is transformed into one trunk, one will, an unrelenting arrow for the execution of a goal and a new civilization.



The only part of the symbol of the Hungarian Arrow that can be incorporated into the ancient symbol system. In its defence, it was originally an ornamental symbol, appropriated by Catholicism as a form of representation of the Trinity.

Well, in the case of our Church, the triquetra also denotes a trinity, namely the holy trinity of Man: Body-Soul-Spirit. But its position at the apex of the arrow - the symbol, so to speak - also signifies that we value  the holy trinity of human will, intention and action as the apex of all great deeds. In other words, the "rocket" of the Church of Normalcy is not propelled towards the Lord, that is, towards the Universe, by the bellycrawling prayers of ailing droids, but by the action of Man. In our Church, everyone is committed to action, which means that we worship the Universe with glorious, righteous, and heroic deeds, not with the measly, whining prayers of other religions.

We therefore felt it necessary to symbolize our incompatibility with Catholicism, which has become shamefully dew-weak, by representing the triquetra, which in Catholicism is usually a circle in itself, as a Celtic circle (the so-called Celtic knot).



Perhaps the most socially significant part of the symbol is the so-called coin split in two. This part symbolizes the complete break of our Church with the bullshit of an old, divisive, wedge-between-the-peoples, and otherwise in all respectsincluding spiritually - false dualism. The pernicious effects of dualism are not only to be found in the messages of black-and-white thinking, often borderline-psychopathic organisations, but in virtually every aspect of life.

Just as the right must hate the left, so old pitted against young, worker against intellectual, sober against drug addict, poor against rich... or, for that matter, Fradi against Újpest, rapper against metalhead, meat eater against vegan, urban against rural, car driver against cyclist, dog lover against cat lover... if we want to print it, we could continue this list until the nearby forest is cleared for paper industry use... That's what dualism and the resulting shitfaceness of human civilizations has done. Yet we all know the almost transcendent folk wisdom that nothing is black and white, but a shade of grey. Well, our Church wishes to elevate this folk wisdom to a religious level, while at the same time declaring that we regard all generally dualistic lines of thought as our enemy.

There is only one point in the world at large where we take a dualistic approach: the good man-bad man aspect. There really is no grey area. A good person can only do wrong unintentionally, by making a mistake. He who is evil does good only out of self-interest, for the advancement of a later, despicable end. A normal person never becomes a serial killer. A serial killer can never be rehabilitated into a normal person.

This is how it is, that's life. Those who don't think so are invited to philosophise to the moody hippo at the zoo, in the hope of cheering him up.

The split coin also symbolizes that the Church of Normalcy's adherent, walking the narrow path of truth, is never on either side of the coin of stupidity. Truth is never left-wing and never right-wing, evil is never White and never Negro, the victor of war is no saint and the loser of war is no Satan... the truly valuable truth, virtues, principles, knowledge are always somewhere in the middle. Whether this middle way deviates slightly to the right or left of the absolute median is irrelevant, as long as the individual is guided by a healthy mind and not by a droid-control circuitry clinging to dualistic sides. In other words, a member of the Church of Normalcy does not belong to any bullshit dualist organization, spastic club, or religion. Period, shut up. No apellata.


Obviously, it occurs to everyone: how nice to have such a unique symbol, so that every time I show up on the street, in a shopping mall, at school, everyone knows who I am and where I'm going without any mistake. Right? Well, then, let's change that bright thought into thought faded away! Since our church does not know secular prohibition, we do not explicitly forbid the secular use of the Hungarian Arrow, but we highly discourage it.

What you should know is that everyone in our Church is fully responsible for their actions; if you have even a small problem with that, you should avoid us. This responsibility means that if you stupidly flash our symbol and get arrested by the authorities, you will get no help from us as a consequence. If you're stupid, rot in jail where you've been taken.

We want everyone to grow a little bit of a secret service brain. Tell me, what good is it for you to regularly flash your identifiable symbols at the authorities just so you can show-off to three half-wits what cool dudes you are? When they start to hunt down the users of this symbol, what kind of dudes will you be tied to the radiator?

Therefore, the Church of Normalcy has no flags and coats of arms, no identifiable - shall we say official - headquarters, and although we will have "regalia" for demonstrations (in the form of standards), these will be used only in the parishes we own. However, until we have a single parish, please master normalcy, and only use this sign - in the future - if you are staging attention-grabbing stencilling in town, or if you need to coordinate churches (cells of the Church of Normalcy) . But this is a song for the future.

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