5. The 15 Restrictions

5.I. Although, as has been shown before, we do not want to rule lives with an iron fist, nor do we wish to redeem anyone, yet, just as all cooperation has rules and all religions have dogmas, we also have rules to follow.

5 II. Anno Aleister Crowley revealed: Do what you will, that is the only commandment. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well now we declare that Aleister Crowley can go posthumously up into his mother. No, you can't do what you want. The will of idiots always leads to the destruction of civilization.

5. III. Since they are self-evident, without further explanation, here are the restrictions to be punished in case of violation:

5.1 It is forbidden to betray your people and your country.

5.2 It is forbidden to betray your own kind and your brethren.

5.3 It is forbidden to accept the news, listen to the concerns, or do the bidding of an alien dwarf minority.

5.3.1 By way of explanation, we would like to emphasize that we are talking about minorities from other cultures! An alien minority is one that is unable or unwilling to integrate into the host culture. For the very weak: the Slovak, German, etc. national minorities are not culturally alien because they are Christian, they speak our language and we have precisely zero ethnic conflicts with them. And the Islamic, the Gypsy, the Jew is culturally alien because he neither can nor wants to integrate.

5.4 It is forbidden to approach and seduce your
neighbour's spouse or partner!

5.5. It is forbidden to take your neighbour's goods, house, car, or possessions
(for the weaker ones: it is forbidden to steal)!

5.6. You are forbidden to run away from an attack without defending yourself, unless the attack is disproportionately more violent than your ability to defend yourself at that moment!

5.6.1 By way of explanation, disproportionality does not mean that you can run away if the bastard is six feet ten inches high and you are only five-nine! This is cowardice.
Disproportionality is when you are bare-handed and he is threatening you with a Kalashnikov.

5.6.2 This point could be formulated as prohibiting unprincipled cowardice. As a member of our church, you are far better off after your cowardly submission if you fear our just contempt and our pillory more than you fear the slap you may receive for standing your ground.

5.7. It is forbidden to accept or to propagate neoliberal ideas.

5.8 It is forbidden to vote for left-wing or moderate right-wing parties.

5.8.1 *This Explanation is originally for Hungarians, yet you can relate the following to your own country's political conditions, so instead of omission, we left it here:

This means that in Hungary today, if you want to vote (although we have no idea why), you can only vote for the Mi Hazánk Mozgalom (Our Homeland Movement). If we find out that you, as a member of our church, voted for either Fidesz or the Coalition of the Swill in any election after 2022, we will tear you apart. No mercy for traitors!

5.9. It is forbidden to neglect children and disregard for their suffering.

5.9.1 This means, in addition to the obvious, healthy upbringing of children, that the suffering of a child, if you are aware of it, is your business. Don't dare to get in front of our eyes if you know your neighbour is abusing his/her children and you think it's none of your business!

It is forbidden to abuse a child beyond a slap on the face in exceptional circumstances!

5.11. It is forbidden to practice and propagate alcoholism, drug abuse, and a dissolute lifestyle in public.

5.12. It is forbidden to have a sexual intercourse with a person under the age of sixteen, as is sexual intercourse with a partner more than twenty years younger than the older partner.

5.12.1 Exemption from this clause is granted to our fellow believers who have served a prison sentence for our principles and beliefs. They may add the length of their imprisonment to the twenty-year allowance, as long as their partner is over eighteen years old. (For the very weak: if you are 48, your youngest partner may be 28. But if you're 48 when you go to prison for 10 years, you can still have a 28-year-old partner at 58, because you're out of life - so to speak ugly, the reproductive chain - for 10 years. So the reward for your ecclesiastically illegitimate 10-year sentence is that you at least get the opportunity to make up for the ten years of life you missed out on.

5.12.2 The question arises, why do we have such provisions? Well, one reason is to put yet another restrictive regulation on scum-sucking, vile paedophiles (after all, the most disgusting kind of paedophiles are those late thirties-early forties worms who 'cultivate' children under the age of ten - after this regulation, the lice cannot accuse us with no woke calling cards and phobias whatsoever, for the death penalty, which will be mandatory in our legal system, without judicial review, for sexual offences committed against a person under the age of sixteen, with an age difference of more than twenty years. The other reason is that we dislike old pricks with young bimbos on the side. That kind of thing is not allowed in a healthy society.

5.13. It is forbidden to kill for profit, for vile motives, out of passion or for lust.

5.14. It is forbidden to torture animals, to keep them badly, to harm nature knowingly.

5.15. It is forbidden to practice partisanship, splitting into cliques, setting rules to divide towns, villages, food and lifestyle
into groups to maintain hostility!

5.15.1 Declare your individual preferences in your house or flat! You do not bring them among us!

5.16 If you do wish to do the above, follow the somewhat deranged disciples of Father Crowley!

5.17 We certainly do not welcome the introduction of the above prohibitions. For in a sensible and healthy society, the above points are so obvious that no one would even think of mentioning them, so unknown would be the action against them.

5.17.b One thing, however, must be understood: life without rules is currently just as utopian as life without violence, as long as the idiots live among us.

5.17c A healthy person cannot, therefore, live as if he were already living in an age of utopia, but only as if his aim were to make utopia a reality.

5.18 To promote a life without rules, it is therefore essential, paradoxical as it may seem, to banish from our society, through prohibitions and rules, all those who would be incapable of living a life without rules.

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