7.I. In our circles, you have a job to do. Your mission is to improve yourself, improve your environment, grow in knowledge, strength, be persistent in your goals, don't break for dogs, and most importantly: achieve your dreams!

7.II Don't work for your life to be, but work to have the conditions for your life to be fulfilled! For us, everyone who is not an artist, a scientist or a farmer, yet who considers his work to be the main source of his joy, is a stinker. That doesn't mean, of course, that a pizza maker can't love the act of making pizza, but we reserve the right to cast suspicious glances at him.

7.III. However, the performance of any task is beneficial if its principles and moral foundations are firm. Then you act in the way of honour and justice. Of course you can do otherwise, but then do not waste our time.
Thus, good work requires not time, but the right attitude and a true heart. For this it is necessary to know the general items of principle, and the virtues of the sexes.

7.IV The general principles which apply to both men and women:

7.1 The Way of Uprightness:
be straight and fair with everyone who deserves it. Avoid those who cannot. Be not partial, nor unjust, nor tolerate undeserved authority over your head, nor accept undeserved praise, and treat such with suspicion.

7.1.2 Avoid bravado, pomposity, and all ostentation arising from self-doubt. If you are truly self-doubting, improve your self-confidence, find your place in the world, realise that you are not any worse or more inferior than others, only that your assertiveness is less than theirs.

7.1.3 Whoever asks for your opinion, always tell them the truth. Not the expected, not the fake, not what the other person wants to hear. If you think the other person finds the truth offensive, ask them to seek opinions from others on the matter, and if they are offended by that too, leave them alone. It is not your job to pester little children who have not grown up.

7.2 The Way of Discretion:
be the custodian and holder of secrets.

7.2.1 Don't be the judge of how big a secret is: it may be small to you, but to the one who shares it with you, it may be huge.

7.2.2 Never pass on a secret, however trivial you may think it is. If you are unable to keep a secret, excuse yourself from all such conversations.

7.2.3 Don't engage in gossip, don't pass on gossip that has come to your ears by accident. Be the impenetrable lead shield through which radiant workplace dirt has no chance of penetrating!

7.2.4 Don't go over to your neighbour's house to clack your tongue, don't keep obsessing on your friends' doings over your beer!

7.2.5 Talk about yourself only if you are asked a question and find the interviewer worthy of an answer, unless you feel the need to talk about yourself in an intimate relationship!

7.2.6 Never say anything bad about your partner or friends, if they have done something bad to you or treated others badly, which has neither harmed nor damaged the person you are talking to, keep quiet about it; it is nobody's business what went on between you and your partner or between your partner and other strangers.

7.2.6b ( This principle should only be waived if your former or current partner's behaviour has resulted or may result in life-threatening or murderous criminal offences, in which case you have a duty to inform your neighbours or the authorities of the danger. )

7.2.7 Sharing your sexual escapades, your partner's preferences, favourite poses, odd habits with a third party in a pub or in a workplace is one of the most appalling obnoxiousness you can do.

7.2.8 A man who can expose his partner's life to others in a pub or at work is a man who neither loves nor respects his partner.

7.3 The Path of Incorruptibility:
Never bow to anyone for anything in return: not for money, not for position, not for promises, nor for sex!

7.3.1 Immediately and firmly reject such advances from others.

7.3.2 If you are offered a gift by people who are not close to you or who aren't belong to your family, immediately become suspicious and politely refuse!

7.3.3 Do not accept even a bar of chocolate if its sincere offer as a gift cannot be 100% justified by an existing relationship, friendship, love or affection!

7.3.4 Never give a bribe to anyone yourself, never provide any service in exchange for financial or positional protection!

7.3.5 Do not accept any offer of protection, only the help of your fellow believers! The assistance of your fellow believers is a duty, not a protection.

7.3.6 Do not give gratuities to doctors or tipping services out of a sense of duty!

7.3.7 Treat everyone according to his merits, do not give advantages to anyone, do not tolerate, or at least coolly ignore, the assertion of unjustified advantages over yourself.

7.3.8 Do not feed or accept the false self-righteousness of others. Do not give in to baseless demands, do not tolerate such in your life!

7.4 The Way of Temperance:
don't stand on either side of the coin of stupidity! Alcohol is not bad but abstainers and alcoholics are stupid! Walk in the middle!

7.4.1 Don't stand with the teetotalers, most of whom have never had a sip of alcohol in their lives and have no idea what they are protesting against: they are like those who say the Earth is flat because they have never seen the curvature of it from the end of the garden which they have never left in their lives.

7.4.2 And don't stand among the chronic alcoholics either! They are the two sides of the coin, the wide road!

7.4.3 You should walk in the middle, on the narrow road, if you like, on the edge of the coin, and not clinging to one side or the other! Remember the narrow path! Drink alcohol if you like;  your duty is not to get drunk! Never!

7.4.4 No reason can be good enough to make anyone see you as a drunken pig who has trampled on moderation!

7.4.5 Be careful not to get addicted to anything! Do not let any substance determine your life, do not be a slave to any habit.

7.4.7 But do not detest anything, for the Creator of the World did not give you the opportunity to enjoy it so that you would "wisely" refuse it!

7.4.8 Let temperance be the guiding arm of the Creator before you!

7.4.9 Interpret everything by the example of the coin: it is not the teetotaller or the alcoholic who is the wise man, but the temperate who has learned his personal limit and is morally firm enough not to overstep it. He is the one who walks the middle ground, not the one who stagnates, clinging to one side or the other of the coin of stupidity.

7.4.10 It is not the anti-smoker or the chimney-smoker who is the wise man, but the part time-smoker who smokes every three or four months on festive occasions.

7.4.11 The smart person is not the asexual or the sex maniac, but the one who can fall in love and uses sex to express it.

7.4.12 The smart man is not the coward or the risk-taker, but the man who knows exactly when to invest, what to invest in, and what are the reasonable limits of risk, in other words, the man who not only has the sense to know what he is doing, but also to know where the limits are.

7.4.13 In practice, you can do almost anything in the world freely if you master the Way of Temperance.

7.5 The Way of the Deeds:
don't listen to whiners and don't get sucked in by the negative or the lazy pig people!

7.5.1 Don't accept the sick, nihilistic philosophies of "can't", "you're not cut out for it", "you'll never make it", and "we're not allowed to" as a philosophy of life!

7.5.2 Recognize that nihilists are sick people: they are crushed by their own inability to learn because of their own small faith, laziness, dullness, and the weight of their false faith in futility.

7.5.3 The philosophy of "let's poop onto the middle of everything, because nothing makes sense anyway" is undoubtedly fashionable, but you should be a man of action!

7.5.4 Know nothing in advance until you have tried to act to achieve something!

7.5.5 Leave defeatism as an asylum for fools - it is occupied by enough of them without you!

7.5.6 Leave depression to the self-delusion of fools, which makes them believe that their own inadequacy is the fault of the bastard world, never theirs.

7.5.7 If your life is not currently going in the direction you would like it to go, recognise the fact that you need to do something differently to achieve a better result, but do it!

7.5.8 Your life can slip down into the cesspit on its own without action, but if you act, you have at least tried to do something about it!

7.5.9 Ask yourself: how much more sensible is it to take action - and perhaps even to mess up in the process - than to sit back and watch it all go wrong without any chance of correcting it?

7.5.10 If the basic proposition for nihilists is that life is shit anyway, why not act? The worst that can happen is that everything stays the same!

7.5.11 But you, unlike them, have at least taken action and can speak from experience, your action basically providing every opportunity available to you to turn the situation around, whereas these lazy people are all talk, no independent experience, no idea of their own!

7.6 The Way of Progress:
go forward on your path, let nothing and no one stop you!

7.6.1 Cast off the dead weights that would hold you back.

7.6.2 Realize that those so-called friends who never rejoice in your success, but on the contrary, want to drag you down to their lazy pig level, are in fact like a hundred irresponsibly cast anchor for a fisherman's boat. They could be anchored forever at the bottom of the ocean of darkness if you don't cast them off.

7.6.3 Learn that the "friend" who does not rejoice in your successes but wants to make you miserable, who does not want to go along with you but wants to drag you back to himself - mostly into debauchery - is not a friend but an ugly leech. Get rid of him as soon as possible, without remorse!

7.6.4 Never think that you owe him! To such a one you owe nothing!

7.6.5 Ignore any negative gossip about your abilities from your parents! A parent who does not want to help his child's progress, who cannot appreciate his children's achievements, who is not proud of his children's development, is not a parent, but a boar and a sow! Live with them as long as you must, but get rid of them as soon as you can!

7.6.6 Respect for a parent should not extend to ruining your life for them, giving up your dreams because they are either incompetent at everything or trying to make you into something you never wanted to be!

7.6.7 Move on! Don't stop! Improve! Learn! Perfect yourself! Never apologize for these things, never beg for permission about these!

7.6.8 Whoever does not like your constant progress, let that one go down on the biting horse! You owe them nothing, never let them burden your conscience!

7.7 The Way of Self-Determination: never let others determine your personal preferences, unless it means harming another individual or the society!

7.7.1 Show middle finger to the liberals, but also show it to the conservatives if necessary! Neither is much better than the other by the way! One bunch are idiots but at least they can fuck, the other bunch are slightly more intelligent but sexually repressive. Never ask an idiot about common sense, and never ask a dickless about sex. Find your own way without them!

7.7.2 Don't love, listen, eat, or wear anything because someone else thinks it's right, proper, trendy. If you want to wear green trousers with yellow tops, wear them! And if Barbie - who doesn't dare wear anything but x-colours because that's the fashion these days - doesn't like it, there's only one thing left for her to do: she should also visit the biting horse! After all, wearing green trousers with a yellow top doesn't hurt anyone in the world!

7.7.3 So love what and whom you love, listen to what you want, eat what you like!

7.7.4 Don't give in to other people's preferences, because some of these people will still be eager to get a grip on you even after you have done everything to their taste! It's their nature!

7.7.5 Recognise the fact that most people really mostly have a mouth to run it! Ignore them!

7.7.6 But be careful! If your personal little passions are at the expense of others, or without their consent, but with their forced involvement, you have no right to engage in them! We only say this because it has become fashionable these days for any sick-minded harasser to claim rights.

7.7.7 So, if you are a filthy paedophile who read the above lines and understood them to mean that you are free to exercise your preferences in child molestation, then we will teach you with a merciless beating with a coal shovel at a bare minimum, that the child is sacred and inviolable,  and you have, to put it mildly, misunderstood them!  

7.7.8 By the way, if you are a paedophile, we would also like to inform you that our members are free to kill you in the case of caught you in the act, since in accordance with our religious teachings, killing is only forbidden in the cases listed in the prohibitions, in self-defence and in the protection of the weak and helpless it is allowed without restrictions! So we hope you understand, if your preferences are so sick, the outside world is wider, and better we never meet!

7.8 The Path of Basic Understanding:
acquire the understanding that religion without science is merely the annoying mumbo-jumbo of confused individuals, and science without religion is the study of the static and the inanimate.

7.8.1 We like to listen to the bullshit of materialistic smart-asses at most as much as we like to abuse a corpse, and we take the spiritual preacher as seriously as we take Kermit the Frog!

7.8.2 So don't separate the two! Be wiser than these! You already know that

7.8.3 God, the (spiritual) is the same as the Universe (the scientific).

7.8.4 Never mind that some over-educated sock-brained internet army will try to discredit you.

7.8.5 The same people will think it is terribly scientific to spread the idea (not too far from the truth, by the way) that humanity is part of an interactive simulation and that we are actually programs...

7.8.6 So who actually programmed the simulation? Is it God? How? So then it turns out that they also associate God (the spiritual) with the Programmer (the scientist), only what they say is truer because they have lots of degrees?

7.8.7 Well, never swoon over such things! The writer of these lines will tell you with confidence that the liberal arts universities are so full of unintelligent idiots - soon to become over-educated internet sockpuppets - that we should not be at all surprised if a decent person would be reluctant to even come within a hundred and fifty metres radius of such a university, to avoid contagious stupidity!

7.8.8 The path to fundamental understanding is therefore a thoroughly agnostic one: the understanding that the whole of the Universe is incomprehensible and inaccessible to the human mind, and that those who clamour from the confines of junk religions, -isms and other artificial frameworks to claim that they know everything in the world, in fact have as much understanding of real knowledge, possibility and understanding, free of all junk labels, as Uncle Pista's left testicle.

7.9 The Way of Healthy Suspicion
is somewhat related to the previous item: have some healthy suspicion of ideas, titles, perceived or real fame, and categorical attempts to overexplain things in general!

7.9.1 In fact, we ask you to doubt even us a little! Maybe we don't know it right! Maybe there is something else that might be true!

7.9.2 Always listen to the agendas! What makes the world go round, what real events reveal to the seer, is the agenda running in the background.

7.9.3 There is no news that has no interest behind its dissemination! There is no idea that does not serve someone's agenda! There is no party that was not originally conceived as a lifeboat to stay in power! And of course there is no popular scientist who has not been bought by them, simply by paying for their research!

7.9.4 So be careful of the much-mentioned popular personality, because he may not be telling the truth, and absolutely do not be offended if he starts to throw a tantrum about how many degrees he has and where he graduated! If he talk rubbish, then he can smear all his degrees into his hair!

7.9.5 And beware of the unctuous uncle priest who is threatening you with eternal hellfire, for he too is only clinging to his power over souls! Don't believe him that he has even once read his Bible!

7.9.6 In general, believe what you feel, perceive, see, experience, and what your inner voice tells you.

7.9.7 Do not accept titles! You weren't there when the priest was ordained, and too many people are buying diplomas on the flea-market to believe at face value every word Professor Balthasar says!

7.9.8 Also, remember that so-called conspiracy theories, far side of the moon stuff, Mars-whatnots and a lot of delusions (which of course does not at all exclude the possibility that there is some truth in them) usually come from the same sources as the object whose potty the theory is supposed to successfully toppled. It's been known since Lenin: thesis-antithesis... and in the end you get the synthesis in the form of little grey gnomes!

7.9.9 Be assured that most so-called debunkings are carried out with the willing cooperation, or even the orchestration, of the alleged debunked parties! Don't join the camp of the uncritical ignoramuses who eat up all nonsense with a large spoon!

7.9.10 It is also suggested that this item be approached by finding the middle ground. An example: the scientist uncle tells you that, since we have no concrete evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial beings, to believe firmly in them - let alone that they have ever visited us - is basic tinfoil-hattery. On the other hand, the tinfoil hat man will tell you that the scientist uncle is an evil Man In Black, because the Americans have been in contact with extraterrestrials since Eisenhower's time, and every smart person knows they are from the Pleiades.

7.9.11 But the reality is that the scientist in the example and the wonder boy in the tinfoil hat are both as clever as a handful of tiny little weenies.

7.9.12 Because the closest thing to the truth scientifically is that the mere existence of a number of planets, or a large moon in a suitable orbit exists in the universe, is practically indeterminable in human terms, makes it a given that a body like the Earth can exist on a scale of billions, and if intelligent life can only develop on one in a million of these planets, we are talking about extraterrestrial civilisations on a scale of thousands;

7.9.13 and the tinfoil hat man is by default a wonderfully stupid child who buys into all the old tinfoil hat bullshit, despite the fact that there are twenty-eight other sane explanations for his stupidity, and that he can't even find a note on the wikileaks that have been uncovered half the world's things which can be used to explain his stupidity.

7.9.14 Ergo: understand that every dedicated clown in the world has an agenda!

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