6. The Requirements

6.1 Well, there's not much of it. Be normal!

6.2 On top of that, one more thing: learn the Runes! Because, if it's up to us (and we're working to make it up to us), you will have five years from the birth of our parish in a given area, under given conditions, to learn to write.

6.3 After five years, we will convert all the areas we run to the Hungarian Runic alphabet, saying goodbye to Latin letters forever, except for the letters of registered company logos.

6.4 In addition, if you want to be initiated, you'd better learn the runes now, because our secret teaching in Latin letters will never appear in the first place.

6.5 Finally, we expect you, if you want to join, to have the willingness to make a real change in your life and to keep your four duties.

6.6 We don't see much point in you joining us or following us on the internet if you are unwilling to change your life or give up disgusting habits such as booze, debauchery, ignorance, comment-cocksparring or armchair revolutionaryism.

*Note to foreign readers: the requirement of the Hungarian Runic (Rovás) outside of Hungarian parishes is only mandatory for those who waiting to be initiated, as foreign parishes are all native users of their current writing systems, so replacing them is completely unnecessary. Only Hungary is in the unique position of having had its own native writing system superseded centuries ago. However, as these centuries have brought nothing good to the Hungarian nation, we consider it a fundamental trolling - along with the digging up of the graves of our oppressors and filling them with our piss- to reintroduce our own writing system. Not incidentally, we are thereby sufficiently expelling from our circles those people who cannot even do for their Hungarianness to bring their own ancient writing back into use.

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